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Caring for the Environment

At Tireithin Meadow we endeavour to be as environmentally friendly as we practically can.  We are committed to promoting sustainable tourism and protecting our natural environment to minimise our impact on the environment, wildlife and local communities. We are part of the Greener Camping Club whose aim is to provide a more environmentally responsible approach to camping. 

  • We recycle our rubbish and ask that you use the bins provided to recycle yours.

  • We do not use any chemicals or fertilisers on our land.

  • We provide Bamboo toilet paper in the flush toilets and hand soap at the sinks

  • There is alcohol free hand sanitiser in the Compost toilets. We also provide hands sanitiser in the wash area and outside the children’s play area.

  • There is eco-friendly washing up liquid and cleaning spray in the washing up area and ask that our guests use these.

  • There is no electricity in the wash areas, but we provide sensor movement Solar lighting.

  • The gas showers work on demand rather than storing water.  We ask that you do not waste water, turn off when washing and turn on to rinse. 

  • Please encourage your children to take an active part in recycling and the reduction of water usage.

  • You will see that there is very little to no light pollution at Tireithin Meadow and would ask campers to reduce their lighting requirements after 11.00 pm at night.

Reducing our impact on the environment and acting in a sustainable and responsible way is an integral part of our lives. We believe that we can all make a positive difference to our future through a greater understanding of our actions and reducing our impact on the environment. We hope by our understanding, actions and daily deeds that we will make a positive difference to our environment now and in the future. We are measured by our actions.

The Greener Camping Club

Tireithin Meadow is one of many great campsites that operates under the Greener Camping Club. A members-only club, the GCC supports green initiatives and allows members access to other environmentally like-minded campsites around the UK. Part of the £12 membership fee goes back into environmental conservation and rewilding efforts, including distributing bird and bat boxes and planting a tree for every member that joins the club. Find out more about the work that the GCC do by clicking below.

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